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Wealth Management

The Wealth Management practice provides ongoing insights into the global business, technology, and regulatory trends impacting wealth management firms, their financial advisors, and their clients, empowering them to remain on the forefront of change. The practice serves a diverse client base, including global universal banks, broker-dealers, insurance companies, asset managers, independent advisors, technology vendors, and professional services firms.   

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Key Coverage Areas

Recent Research

New Realities in Wealth Management: Swimming Against an Ebbing Tide

The market turbulence of 2022 may have acted as an inflection point for several market segments.

Examining the Financial Planning Status Quo: Where Do We Go From Here?

Financial planning can form the foundation for building dialogue and loyalty with clients.

Robo’s Next Step: The Rise of the Digital Financial Wellness Platform

Robo-advice has shifted toward what could be called digital financial wellness.

When Banks Dial Back Lending: Wealth Managers Have Solutions to Fill the Gap

Banks have tightened access to credit, but wealth managers have solutions that facilitate client liquidity.

Aite Matrix: RIA Portfolio Management and Reporting Systems

An estimated US$1.4 billion will be spent in 2023 on the advisor portfolio management and reporting systems market.

Longevity Planning in Wealth Management: Decumulation Conundrum

The life span vs. health span vs. wealth span conversation is getting louder.

RIA Portfolio Management and Reporting Systems: Market Overview

Of the estimated 23,500 RIAs in the market, 9,000 to 14,000 still use very basic tools for portfolio management and reporting.

The Direct Indexing Opportunity: Poised for Growth

Direct indexing is poised for growth, and the opportunity is closer than many in the industry believe.

The Small RIA: One Size Does Not Fit All

There were over 17,000 small RIAs at the end of 2021.

Navigating Pathways to Holistic Wealth Management

Progress toward consistent delivery of holistic wealth management is demonstrably mixed.

Evolution of Client Engagement in Wealth Management: Old Dog, New Tricks

Wealth management firms look radically different than they did five years ago.

Top 10 Trends in Wealth Management, 2023: The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze

Despite many challenges, and often as a result of them, there are abundant opportunities for the wealth management industry to drive change.

Balance Sheets of the American Investor: An Analysis of the Survey of Consumer Finance

Wealth managers are aligning products and services with the demonstrated needs of investor segments.

The Future of the Retail Asset Management Industry: Surviving Disintermediation and Commoditization

The democratization of customized retail asset management products is leaving less money on the table for manufacturers and distributors alike.  What does that mean for the future?

New Realities in Wealth Management: Evolution Amid Turbulence

Turbulent markets will cause headwinds for growth, and wealth managers must do what they can to weather the storm.