Who We Serve

Payment Providers and Card Issuers

Datos Insights supports organizations focused on the payment ecosystem, including payment networks, acquirer/processors, payment service providers, marketplaces and other two-sided platforms, payment facilitators and orchestrators, card issuers, and other organizations in the space across the globe.

RBR Data Services works in close partnership with the world’s leading payment providers, card networks and issuers through published and bespoke research. Our research and data cover 70+ countries worldwide and is used by key market participants, regulators, and analysts for strategic planning, industry and competitor benchmarking.

Our Banking Advisors

“We love Datos Insights’s work. Your research programs are timely and relevant, and because of that focus, you keep us one step ahead of the game—future horizon-line insights we can use.”
an EVP at a large regional U.S. bank

Our Strategic Advisors all have more than 20 years of direct experience in payments strategy, technology evolution, new product development and project management. We help clients address some of the industry’s top challenges, including: