IT Roadmaps and Platform Optimization

IT leaders need to balance providing competitive capabilities with keeping costs low. But complex environments and legacy technology can prevent organizations from meeting their key business goals. We help clients develop IT roadmaps that prepare for tomorrow, deliver new capabilities today, and mitigate yesterday’s legacy challenges.

Our IT roadmap and platform optimization projects help you answer questions like:

What capabilities do I need to deliver in order to compete against industry peers?

What is my long-term IT vision and how do I get there?

How can I develop a future-state vision while keeping my business running today?

How do I communicate a new technology vision and gain buy-in from stakeholders across the organization?

What technology trends do I need to prepare to adopt in my future IT environment?

What key technology, business, and regulatory issues are impacting the functions I am reviewing?

Our IT roadmap and platform optimization processes typically include steps like these:


Identify potential market shifts that could affect operating model decisions.


Evaluate the current positioning of your firm within your marketplace and provide comparative analysis of select leading and emerging competitors’ approaches.


Evaluate your current capabilities and technology against your strategic goals, including reviewing and documenting your business vision, goals, and requirements along with technology and process observations.


Develop, document, and communicate a strategic blueprint that outlines your technology vision and offers recommendations, including major components of the future-state vision and how each component interacts.


Lay out a roadmap of major projects, the sequence, and a rough time frame in addition to recommended changes of any in-flight initiatives.

To learn more about IT roadmap and platform optimization projects, please speak to a member of our sales team.