Vendor Selection

Selecting the right strategic partner for a core system transformation project is a critical decision most insurers or financial institutions make once or twice a decade. We do it every day, helping clients with more than 55 vendor selection projects in five years. Our experienced team of advisors can help you feel confident in your choice.

Our vendor selection projects help you answer questions like:

How do I determine which vendor will be the best partner for my organization?

How can I rigorously vet a solution in a reasonable amount of time?

How do I gain consensus in my organization on the system we will implement?

Our vendor selection process typically includes steps like these:


Conduct several days of needs analysis with key stakeholders to understand your goals, needs, pain points, and more.


Recommend 3-6 vendors likely to fit your criteria.


Optimize a streamlined RFI for your distinct requirements, based on our extensive vendor knowledge base.


Develop a detailed agenda and scripted scenarios for vendors to follow during the demo phase.


Recommend a top choice and a runner up in an interactive meeting with your stakeholders.


Facilitate conversations with vendors’ other clients, help your team structure an effective relationship during contracting, and advise on essential business terms.

To learn more about vendor selection projects, please speak to a member of our sales team.