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Capital Markets

The Capital Markets practice furnishes its clients with a deep understanding of the intricate details of front-, middle-, and back-office processes from the perspectives of asset managers, banks, institutional brokers, exchanges and infrastructure providers, and the technology vendors and consulting firms that shape the way business is done.

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Recent Research

Trade, Communication, Crypto, and Commodities Surveillance Datos Insights Matrix: Catch the Bad Actors

It is tight at the top among trade surveillance vendors.

Top 10 Trends in Capital Markets, 2024: Seeking the Right Balancing Between Cost and Innov-AI-tion

As 2023 passes into history and capital markets participants look ahead to 2024, there are lots of exogenous reasons for concern.

Surveillance Monitoring Market Overview: Seeking Innovative Lenses to Tackle Multiple Fronts

The current model of surveillance is not sustainable.

Treasury Market Revamp Postponed: Missed Opportunity or Bullet Dodged?

The largest and most liquid market in the world may be in jeopardy.

New SEC Market Structure Proposals: Dead on Arrival?

All is not well from the SEC’s perspective.

Fixed Income and OTC Derivatives Trading, Q3 2023: Behind the Numbers

Declining/negative primary dealer net positions in the post-pandemic landscape continue to pressure the already beleaguered U.S. credit markets.