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The Cybersecurity practice provides distinctive advisory services and ongoing research to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), cybersecurity leaders, and risk management professionals focused on protecting their enterprise and its assets. Our advisors provide deep technical acumen in cybersecurity at financial institutions, insurance carriers, and other financial services firms. Our advisors excel at communicating cyber risk to boards and executive management. The practice also supports security vendors serving financial services, helping to advance their delivery in the market.

Key Coverage Areas

Recent Research

Risk Insights & Advisory Fintech Spotlight: Q1 2024

The vendor landscape is increasingly crowded; banks and their clients face a growing array of choices.

Datos Insights Matrix: Cyber Range Solutions

Airlines would never place pilots in a cockpit without a certain number of hours in a simulator practice of difficult operations; why should placing cyber defenders on the front lines be any different?

Cyber Range Solutions: Market Landscape

Cyber ranges are changing the landscape of cybersecurity education.

Generative AI for the CISO: A Proactive Approach for a Reactive Season

Artificial intelligence and GenAI hype in the market last year was considerable.

Understanding and Preparing for PCI DSS 4.0

The latest PCI DSS version mandates compliance with 64 new requirements by March 31, 2025.

CISO Guide to Selecting an API Security Solution

API risk can overshadow the benefits if APIs are left unprotected.