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Fraud & AML

The Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering practice provides clients with in-depth data and insights focused on tackling the business, technology, and regulatory challenges impacting the financial services industry as it fights the rising tide of financial crime. The practice focuses its research on the needs of global and domestic financial institutions (including both retail and commercial banks and wealth management firms), payment networks and processors, e-commerce merchants, technology providers, and professional services firms. 

“I’ve had a very longstanding relationship with Aite, now Datos Insights. The team is incredible. When I think about Datos Insights, the first thing that comes to my mind is expertise.”
Robin Love
VP, Product Management, Early Warning Services

Key Coverage Areas

Recent Research

The 2023 Impact Awards in Fraud

Fraud technology solutions must go beyond traditional capabilities to combat expanding fraud.

The 2023 Impact Awards in AML

AML technology solutions must go beyond traditional capabilities to combat financial crime.

Fraud Organizational Structures: Progressing Toward a Holistic Financial Crime Corporate Strategy

Financial crime is maturing as a corporate strategy.

Business Onboarding Risk Assessment: Solutions and Best Practices

Fast onboarding is a competitive factor.

Global Behavioral Biometric and Device Fingerprinting: Market Overview

More frequent and sophisticated fraud attacks and greater regulatory scrutiny are driving the adoption of behavioral biometric and device fingerprinting tools.

Risk Insights & Advisory Fintech Spotlight: Q3 2023

As financial crime soars, emerging technologies gain ground.