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Retail Banking & Payments

The Retail Banking and Payments practice provides clients with ongoing insights focused on the business, technology, and regulatory challenges impacting consumer banking services and retail payments of all kinds. The practice serves a wide range of market participants, including global universal banks, community banks, credit unions, alternative financial services providers, card processors and network providers, merchants, technology vendors, and professional services firms.

“We love Datos Insights’s work. Your research programs are timely and relevant, and because of that focus, you keep us one step ahead of the game—future horizon-line insights we can use.”
an EVP at a large regional U.S. bank

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Recent Research

P2P Payment Methods: So Many Options, So Little Money?

Two-thirds of all P2P payment transactions in 2022 were made using some form of electronic payment.

How U.S. Consumers Pay Their Medical Bills

The total gross dollar value of U.S. medical bills grew to US$107.8 billion in 2023, a sizeable 25% increase from 2020.

What Bankers Should Know About Gen Z

Gen Zers and their preferences and motivations represent more of a departure from the status quo than recent generations.

Datos Insights Vendor Guide: Global Debit Card Providers

Debit cards may be the most important bank product in the world, and competition for new debit card programs is intense.

Business Onboarding Risk Assessment: Solutions and Best Practices

Fast onboarding is a competitive factor.

Embedded Payments: The Next Step in the Evolution of Payments

Embedded payments have emerged as a powerful tool for online merchants to minimize friction and improve the customer experience.