Tari Schreider

Strategic Advisor

Areas of expertise:

CISO Executive Leadership, Compliance, Cyber Risk Management Strategy, Data Protection and Privacy, Governance, Metrics, and Reporting, Managed Security Services, Regulations, Risk Management, Threat Intelligence, Vendor Management

Tari Schreider, C|CISO, CRISC, ITILf, and MCRP, is a Strategic Advisor at Datos Insights specializing in cybersecurity, information assurance, security program architecture, and maturity improvement. He lives in metropolitan Atlanta and brings more than 40 years of security, privacy, and recovery management to Datos Insights.

Tari is an author of top-rated cybersecurity architecture and law books and is a master instructor of chief information security officer (CISO) certification courses. He is a co-author of a U.S. patent titled Method for Analyzing Risk. He has designed security operations centers, was responsible for creating the first Information Sharing and Analysis Center in collaboration with the Information Technology Association of America (IT-ISCA), and has created complex cybersecurity programs in many industries and international locations. Tari is a member of the Writers Board for CISO MAG.

Prior to joining Datos Insights, Tari was a distinguished technologist and Chief Security Architect for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Vice President of Global Operations for Internet Security Systems, Director of Security and Disaster Recovery Services for Sprint E-Solutions, and the Managing Partner of Contingency Planning Research.

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