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Capital Markets

The Capital Markets practice furnishes its clients with a deep understanding of the intricate details of front-, middle-, and back-office processes from the perspectives of asset managers, banks, institutional brokers, exchanges and infrastructure providers, and the technology vendors and consulting firms that shape the way business is done.

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Recent Research

The Search for a Balance Between Classic and DLT Operating Models

Distributed ledger technology must coexist with traditional clearing and settlement processes to affect its transformational potential.

Fixed Income and OTC Derivatives Trading, H1 2023: Behind the Numbers

Research suggests the recent bond market selloff was the largest in over 40 years.

Fixed Income EMS, Part 2: The New Vendor Landscape

2023 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for the besieged U.S. fixed income marketplace.

The Good, the Bad, and the Evolution of Managed Data Services

Cost is key, but capabilities win deals.

Capital Markets Emerging Fintech Spotlight: Q2 2023 ESG in Focus

The quarter’s vendors focus on integrating sustainability and environmental, social, and governance factors into capital markets.

Top 11 Use Cases for AI in Capital Markets

While AI has played a growing role in capital markets, the buzz around generative AI is accelerating adoption and introducing new use cases.