Embedded Payments: The Next Step in the Evolution of Payments

Embedded payments have emerged as a powerful tool for online merchants to minimize friction and improve the customer experience.

Embedded payments can take the transaction from one click to no clicks, improving merchant sales and enhancing the customer experience. That migration is a milestone in the evolution of payments, and merchants will find new ways to use the capability to generate incremental sales and increase customer satisfaction. But implementing embedded payments requires that the complexity of the transaction migrates from the merchant site to the processor.

This report provides an overview of the evolution of embedded payments and a description of the current state that shows they are an essential tool for merchants and their processors to offer. It is based on market intelligence and insights developed by Datos Insights from previous and ongoing research, interviews with global industry experts, and available public sources.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Retail Banking & Payments service can download this report.

This report mentions Amazon, Apple, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Fiserv, Google, Gr4vy, Microsoft, Shopify, Stripe, Toast, and Uber.

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