Trends in Fraud for 2024 and Beyond

The past year and a half witnessed a significant rise in the quantity and types of fraud activities that FIs manage, and these trends will likely continue throughout 2024.

As fraud leaders and solution providers scrambled to adjust risk control frameworks to counter increasing fraud attacks, they set into motion several disruptions to the fraud ecosystem. Among the more noteworthy disruptions likely to emerge in 2024 are the shifts in the patterns in fraud control investments; the evolving dynamics of collaboration among FIs, regulators, digital media, telecom networks, and payment networks in their efforts to acknowledge and protect consumers; and the degree to which public perception of economic conditions will influence financial crime.

This report examines changes to the trajectory of fraud trends and how they impact FIs in their struggle to balance losses with client experience, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. It is based on data collected from 32 North American fraud executives who attended Datos Insights’ Financial Crime and Cybersecurity Forum in September 2023 on trends in fraud attacks throughout the year to analyze how those trends are likely to influence the market for fraud controls in 2024.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Fraud & AML service can download this report.

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