CISO Guide to Cyber Resiliency: Building a Future of IT Stability

CISOs must share the mantle of business continuity to ensure a resilient organization regardless of the egregiousness of an attack.

Cyber resiliency is the bedrock of an organization’s ability to withstand cyberattacks. One of the most important tenets of operations is achieving an uninterruptable state of essential business functions. A CISO’s role is pivotal in crafting and implementing effective cyber resiliency programs. CISOs should strive to adopt a cyber resiliency model in 2024.

This Executive Brief delves into the principles behind developing a robust cyber resiliency strategy. It aims to clarify for CISOs what cyber resiliency entails.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Cybersecurity service can download this report.

This report mentions National Institute of Science and Technology and the U.K. Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

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