Tuesday, July 2, 2024 | 10:00 AM EDT

Future-Proofing Wealth Management in EMEA: Hyper-Personalization, Innovation, and Regulation


Guest Speakers:

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Join Datos Insights Strategic Advisor Wally Okby and Addepar Senior Account Executive Rae Rooseboom for this webinar, where they will discuss the evolving landscape of wealth management in EMEA, including technology-driven hyper-personalization and the growth of centralized technology platforms. They will also delve into the critical conversations shaping wealth management in EMEA today.

Key topics:

  • The importance of technology-driven hyper-personalization solutions
  • The growth of integrated, centralized technology platforms
  • Strategies for maximizing data asset utilization
  • AI’s impact on personalization at scale
  • Regulatory challenges facing global wealth managers across EMEA