Retail Banking and Payments Fintech Spotlight: Q2 2021

These fintech companies are removing friction from consumers’ everyday banking and payments processes.

Boston, June 30, 2021While traditionally Gen Zers and millennials have shown the most affinity for fintech products and services, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted older generations to explore the offerings of digital-native fintech companies, which are pressuring legacy players globally. Fintech firms providing banking, payments, and lending products and services continue to show growth and demand as they meet customers where they are—the key to winning in today’s environment.

With the vendor landscape increasingly crowded, and banks and their clients facing a growing array of choices, the spotlight series aims to provide insight on interesting vendors that offer a strong unique selling point and an innovative approach as either partners or competitors. The vendors profiled in this report all face strong competition in the market, and each is having success within the market sectors served. Aite Group includes the following fintech firms in this Q2 2021 edition of the Fintech Spotlight: AgentIQ, BitPay, BlytzPay, Spreedly, Trustly, Wisetack, and Zeta.

This 28-page Impact Report contains four figures and seven tables. Clients of Aite Group’s Retail Banking & Payments service can download this report and the corresponding charts.

This report mentions Alipay, AME Cloud Ventures, Arc’teryx, Bain Capital Ventures,, CK Hutchison, CRCM Ventures, Etsy, Facebook, Founders Fund, GoFundMe, Greylock, GrowthX, Hatch Bank, HDFC Bank, Hopper, Housecall, Hunt Technology Ventures, iDeal, Index Ventures, InvoiceASAP, Jobber, Kwik, Lending Club, Mastercard, Nordic Capital, NPR, PayPal, Rappi, SeatGeek, Shopify, Sodexo, SoftBank, Spectrum Equity, Splitit, Total Tech RX, Uber, Virgin Group, Visa, Washington Post, WhatsApp, and Wise.

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