Insurer AI Investment Plans for 2024

Almost no insurers say they’re “well prepared” for GenAI, but almost all are interested.

Generative AI is the buzzword for 2024, and insurers are approaching this new technology enthusiastically. Carriers have invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities at significant rates over the last decade to support a variety of fraud-detection and risk-and-behavior-modeling capabilities. The availability of GenAI at scale in 2023 has introduced another set of capabilities that insurers have already begun experimenting with to improve operations.

This brief highlights recent Datos Insights research focused on insurer readiness and investment in GenAI capabilities, as well as thought leadership and subject matter expertise from Datos Insights experts. The brief is of interest to senior business executives and IT professionals looking for insights into the insurance industry’s AI readiness and investment and how insurers can prepare to support advanced AI capabilities.

Clients of Datos Property & Casualty service can download this report.

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