Capital Markets Emerging Fintech Spotlight: Q4 2023

Fintech solution vendors are bringing new capabilities or services to capital firms.

Fintech solution vendors are providing capital markets firms with unique data and capabilities to address intraday liquidity requirements, manage communicating SSIs with custodians/prime brokers, augment trading decisions using data analytics, and streamline investment operations.

The Capital Markets Fintech Spotlight is a series of quarterly reports that look at select emerging fintech vendors active in the capital markets space. The spotlight series provides insight into interesting vendors with strong, unique selling points and innovative approaches as partners or competitors. This report profiles the following fintech firms: HUB, Finteum, Spacetime, and SSImple.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Capital Markets service can download this report.

This report mentions HUB, Finteum, Spacetime, and SSImple.

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