Analyzing U.S., U.K., and Canadian Credit Cardholders

The combination of value, convenience, and status makes credit card products highly desired by consumers worldwide.

What better way to access a line of credit than to use a credit card? The convenience and purchasing power credit card products offer are ubiquitous, and consumers love them. Beyond their usability as a financial management tool, credit cards provide many benefits to their owners, or they can become an economic anchor when misused or not managed correctly. Although there are differences between consumers in various countries, there are also many similarities in their appeal for these products.

This report highlights ownership and preferences for credit cards in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. It provides vital cardholder insights for local and global financial institutions that issue or want to issue credit cards in these regions. This report is based on a study that Data Insights conducted from Q3 to Q4 2022 among 3,008 consumers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Retail Banking & Payments service can download this report.

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