Datos Insights is committed to sustaining a high-performing workplace culture based on respect, innovation, and a sincere desire to serve, advise, and educate our clients. Individuals have different skill sets, and we value diversity of all kinds because it increases the company’s expertise and capabilities.


Datos Insights thought leaders are known and valued for their inquisitiveness, clarity of thought, and direct experience in the roles they advise. These experts help shape the perspectives of some of the world's most influential financial services and technology firms.

Supporting these experts, our associates provide research and data while they develop advisory skills. Individuals who thrive in this role value gleaning insights from research and data (as well as from their own experience) and enjoy writing about these topics and engaging with clients as a coach and knowledge resource. They are continuous learners and innovators, committed to deepening their expertise and making a mark on our industry.


Our sales team acts as a partner to our clients. Successful Datos Insights salespeople have strong business acumen and a keen interest in how client and prospect organizations work so they can make the right recommendations.

They must be intellectually curious about the financial services, insurance, and technology industries so they can engage a sophisticated audience of senior executives, technologists, and market insights specialists. We position our sales team as the connection to curate Datos Insights expertise so clients get the solutions they need to mission-critical challenges.


Our Central Teams (Marketing, Design, Finance, HR, IT, Editorial, Research Development) ensure their internal and external clients always have what they need to deliver impact.

Individuals who flourish in these roles are hardworking, focused, and attentive to detail. Committed to excellence, they possess a strong desire to lead the organization to a higher level of execution.

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Datos Insights is committed to running a firm that deeply values its people, rewards loyalty and stellar performance, and is dedicated to giving all staff members opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

For employment inquiries, please submit a resume to: [email protected]
Datos Insights is an equal opportunity employer.