Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | 12:00 p.m. CET

Global Cash Forum 2022: Your Bank as a Platform for Cash & Liquidity

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Financial institutions have been using technology-based tools to solve cash and liquidity management problems for years – this is nothing new and represents a race between traditions FIs and fintechs, all competing to offer the best service. As a result, solutions for virtual accounts, liquidity management tools, faster payments and real-time banking information are all services that exist in a fragmented, and ever-expanding, landscape of banking software.

In today’s world, corporates of all sizes are making use of more innovative technologies for their cash and liquidity management needs. Corporates already use cloud-based cash and liquidity solutions in part to satisfy their needs and solve for real business problems. This is the new standard for cash & liquidity management, and the trend is set to continue as clients’ desires evolve with consumer and end-user expectations.

The issue for the banking sector, is creating the culture and processes that allow financial institutions like yours to:

1. Roll out the best solutions that consistently tick boxes on your clients’ wish lists.
2. Forge the business case to garner internal support that is needed to innovate and get ahead of your competition.
3. Optimize the innovation process within the bank, moving from a slow churn to a faster, more cost-efficient transformation culture that accelerates the monetization of your investment.

Our expert panel consists of analysts, banks, corporates and fintechs as we discuss the blueprint for building a cash & liquidity offering that can truly evolve with your clients’ needs.