Thursday, June 20, 2024 | 2:00 PM EDT

Consumers Are Taking Control: How FIs Can Compete in the Era of Curated Financial Services

Guest Speakers:

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Consumers are no longer content with one-size-fits-all financial services. They are creating their own curated financial services and they want their financial institutions (FIs) to meet this demand with personalized products and services. The new Galileo Consumer Banking Report by Datos Insights reveals a startling truth: while 85% of consumers report a positive experience with their primary FI, they are also actively using other providers for multiple key financial tools and services.

Join Datos Insights Director of Retail Banking David Albertazzi and Galileo Head of Product Strategy Michael Haney to get the latest data and insights on how consumer banking behaviors are shifting, what financial tools people are using and what it means for FIs who aren’t keeping up.

Learn more about the key factors driving this behavior, including the need for more personalized experiences and product offers and autonomous service experiences.

Bank and credit union leaders can use this research to inform growth plans and market strategies and respond to demand from their existing customers to:

  1. Strengthen or reclaim their position as consumers’ true primary financial institution
  2. Drive stronger customer acquisition strategies and increase customer lifetime value
  3. Offer more personalized products and experiences that meet consumers at their point of need
  4. Defend against digital-first challengers that are taking a more data-based approach