Wealth Management Fintech Spotlight: Retirement Planning Vendors

Advisors have more choices than ever when it comes to digitizing their retirement planning process.

Retirement, in the financial planning context, is the distinguishing milestone that separates the investing life cycle between the accumulation phase and the distribution phase. This is an important distinction for financial advisors because it means the investment strategies used, and the services provided, need to adjust to reflect this major shift in a client’s cash flow activity. Advisor demand for better solutions has driven a wave of new vendors whose laser focus on retirement planning topics has driven the entire industry forward over the last decade.

The Wealth Management Fintech Spotlight looks at select emerging fintech vendors active in the financial planning space. The spotlight series provides insight into interesting vendors with strong unique selling points and innovative approaches as partners or competitors. This report profiles the following fintech firms: Covisum, eMoney, Envestnet MoneyGuide, IncomeConductor, Income Discovery, Income Lab, NaviPlan, NewRetirement, RightCapital.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Wealth Management service can download this report.

This report mentions iVante, Albridge (BNY Mellon), Axos Advisor Services, Black Diamond (SS&C), BridgeFT, ByAll Accounts (Morningstar), Charles Schwab, Edward Jones, Fidelity Institutional, Figlo, Healthpilot, HealthView Services, InvestCloud, Mercer Advisors, Plaid, Raymond James, Redtail (Orion Advisor Solutions), SEI, and XY Planning Network (XYPN).

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