Top 10 Trends in Fraud & AML, 2023: Taking on Today’s Challenges for a Secure Tomorrow

Financial crimes leaders are ratcheting up investments in innovation, automation, and data to tackle a growing confluence of emerging challenges and accelerated risks going into 2023.

January 12, 2023 – Organized crime continues to relentlessly bombard financial services firms, businesses, and consumers with scams, automated bots, synthetic identities, mule activity, and application fraud. As more consumers are victimized by rising scam attacks, financial services firms encounter increasing regulatory pressure to take increased action against scams and better protect their customers. Economic uncertainty, growing inflation, and a possible global recession is compelling organizations to manage budgets and costs more carefully and find ways to achieve better operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Clients of Aite-Novarica Group’s Fraud & AML service can download this report and the corresponding charts.

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