The EU’s Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive: Another Iteration?

AMLD6 could be seen as an amendment to AMLD5, as opposed to a significant revision.

Boston, February 2, 2021 –The EU’s Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive came into effect for member states on December 3, 2020, and it must be implemented six months later, by June 3, 2021. Harmonization is the watchword when it comes to AMLD6, with an attempt to create a consistent scope, offenses, and penalties across the EU. Unlike for previous anti-money laundering directives, the U.K. may not implement the AMLD6 on the basis that U.K. rules and regulations already include the required regulation. This Impact Brief highlights the key points of AMLD6, some of the core considerations, and a U.K./EU comparison.

Clients of Aite Group’s Fraud & AML service can download this eight-page Impact Brief. To learn more about the topic covered in this Impact Brief, please contact us at [email protected].

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