Return-to-Office Planning: Anticipated Changes for Q3 and Q4


May 2021 – It was unexpectedly easy for most insurers to adopt a fully remote operating model last year, but planning a “return to office” is much more complex. New opportunities, challenges, and risks have become apparent as North America emerges cautiously from the pandemic’s darkest moments. This study provides deep insights into the current state of plans and preparations at insurers contemplating the back half of 2021.

Key Points and Findings

  • Most insurers do not yet have solid plans in most areas. Uncertainty about government policy, vaccination rates, employee expectations, and competitor plans makes it difficult to make firm plans.
  • Travel and meeting restrictions will continue in some form. Most insurers will maintain some restrictions on employee travel and onsite consulting. Some will continue to limit internal face-to-face meetings and non-employee site visits.
  • Remote and hybrid organizations are here to stay, with impact on talent strategies. Nearly all insurers expect to offer hybrid or fully remote options to employees, and they expect to face a more intense talent market driven by policies adopted by competing employers.

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