Novarica Research Digest: Distribution


February 2021 – This report is a digest of recent Novarica research on how changes in technology are affecting insurers’ distribution capabilities, processes, and results.

Traditional distribution is relatively unscientific; carriers rely on producers to understand and market to customers and prospects. Now, the proliferation of data and the evolution of technology are changing how insurers collect customer and prospect information as well as how they analyze it and make decisions about marketing and their producer base.

Digital workflows and the use of third-party data, self-service, and agile core systems are critical, technology-enabled capabilities for distribution. AI and analytics are also growing in importance for streamlining the application process and better targeting marketing efforts.

This report presents a digest of Novarica research on the topic of distribution, culled from reports on business and technology trends, technology-enabled capabilities, and the impact of emerging technology as well as core systems plans, vendor information, and insurer case studies.

A list of source reports appears in the appendix.

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