MarTech Suites for Insurers: Overview and Prominent Providers


September 2020 – This report profiles seven holistic MarTech suites on the market today and describes the main components of their ecosystems, how they interact with each other, their development or acquisition history, and how well they address some of the specific challenges faced by insurers.

Over the past decade, a handful of companies strong in media, CRM, analytics, or email grew through acquisitions to become holistic solutions for the entire marketing life cycle. These solutions include digital analytics, web content management, digital marketing, digital asset management, external data, and CRM capabilities.

Vendors profiled include Acoustic, Adobe, Epsilon, Google, HubSpot, Oracle, and Salesforce.


  • The components of a holistic solution. What full marketing life-cycle coverage means.
  • How well each solution fulfills these components. Initial specializations correlate to current market differentiation and strengths.
  • What insurers should look out for. Capabilities that are flexible and customizable.

Key Points and Findings

Solutions offer different mixes of software and professional services. Some vendors emphasize their services as a differentiator, while others prefer to focus solely on software.

In most cases, the original product remains the core strength of a suite’s offering. Integrating new acquisitions into the core product is a primary challenge for many suites.

Vendors emphasize both the ability to integrate and the singleness of the platform. Some vendors market their suite as a one-stop shop, while others promote their ability to integrate with other tools.

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