Insurer CX and UX: Approaches and Current State


August 2020 – This report presents the results of a survey of 79 insurers across Novarica’s Research Council and Community concerning attitudes and practices related to customer experience/user experience (CX/UX).

CX/UX is commonly understood as an important part of digital strategy, but approaches, resourcing, measurement, and focus vary widely within the insurance industry. Most insurers agree that CX/UX is about providing agents and policyholders with both short-term and long-term positive experiences, but others have a broader scope that includes internal stakeholders and non-digital channels.


  • Ownership and Resourcing
  • Focus Areas: Stakeholders, Channels, and Disciplines
  • Measuring Effectiveness
  • The Effect of COVID-19 on CX/UX initiatives
  • Insurer Size/Sector Differences

Key Points and Findings

Marketing and tech/digital teams are most likely to own CX/UX. Life insurers tend toward marketing, while P/C insurers tend toward tech/digital.

Most insurers measure CX/UX through user satisfaction and Net Promoter Score. Digital traffic and user adoption are also used. Few insurers tie CX/UX directly to revenue or retention.

One-third of insurers have no dedicated CX/UX resources. While only one in ten insurers has no organizational commitment to CX/UX, one in three have no dedicated resources.

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