Insurance MarTech 100: Overview and Vendor Index


May 2020 – Insurers can no longer ignore the data analytics, personalization, and automation tools available within a mature marketing technologies (MarTech) stack. This report provides snapshot profiles of 100 MarTech vendors, with a specific eye toward solutions common among insurance companies. Although the MarTech landscape in insurance is dominated by large, horizontal vendors, niche solutions for specific functions within the marketing life cycle, as well as solutions that advertise to the specific needs of insurers, have been gaining traction.

Key Points and Findings

  • Second generation technologies are no longer small startups. Solutions that grew out of social, mobile, and big data have had the time to make significant penetration into the marketplace.
  • Acquisitions have fueled the dominance of holistic solutions. Dozens of major acquisitions over the past decade have left about a dozen companies advertising single-platform solutions for the whole marketing life cycle.
  • Insurance-specific solutions focus on social and mobile. Vendors who have developed solutions specifically to orchestrate the agent sales cycle tend to focus on mobile and social media.

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