MarTech in Insurance


April 2020 – Adjacent to the systems within the Novarica Core Systems Map are a set of technologies, platforms, and processes that power digital marketing. These solutions have increasingly been integrated into many core systems, requiring some of them (e.g., CRM, workflow, CCM, and customer/agent portals) to factor in the integration and enablement of digital marketing capabilities from the outset.

This report identifies key digital marketing systems for insurers and breaks down each type of system into its individual components.

Key Points and Findings

  • Many MarTech components are extensions of existing core systems. Digital analytics, digital content management, data management platforms, and public websites are areas where existing systems can be leveraged and extended.
  • Increased specialization is competing with single-platform solutions. The MarTech landscape is comprised of a growing number of technologies focused on solving specific challenges within the insurance industry.
  • “Digital marketing” is becoming just “marketing.” The digitization of offline media is causing all marketing activity to be managed by digital technologies.

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