Examining the Financial Planning Status Quo: Where Do We Go From Here?

Financial planning can form the foundation for building dialogue and loyalty with clients.

The proliferation of financial wellness has raised client expectations and demands for democratized advice and planning support, requiring wealth management firms and financial advisors to recognize and better position their offerings to meet these rising client needs. Wealth managers have a unique opportunity to take financial planning to a new level of maturity and help drive better outcomes for millions of end clients.

This Impact Report examines the financial planning status quo in the U.S. and the challenges financial institutions’ need to navigate to get to where many firms aim to and need to be with financial planning.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Wealth Management service can download this report.

This report mentions Bank of America, Barclays, eMoney, Envestnet, HSBC, InvestCloud, Monzo, Morgan Stanley, Personal Capital, RightCapital, Starling Bank, Stash Wealth, UBS, Waze, and Wells Fargo.

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