Commercial Banking Fintech Spotlight: Q3 2023

Key areas driving activity in the fintech vendor space are automation, efficiencies, and customer experience.

This quarter explores newer fintech vendors with innovations emblematic of broader trends within commercial banking and financial services across various product areas. These solutions address the increasingly complicated integration between corporations and financial institutions for payments processing, commercial card issuance, revenue models, and document automation, as well as enable digital banking experiences to be more accessible to a wider population.

The Commercial Banking & Payments Fintech Spotlight is a series of quarterly reports that looks at select emerging fintech vendors active in the commercial banking space. The spotlight series provides insight into interesting vendors with strong, unique selling points and innovative approaches as partners or competitors. This report profiles the following fintech firms: Accessible Web, Adflex, AIO, Modern Treasury, and Tallied.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Commercial Banking & Payments service can download this report.

This report mentions Goldman Sachs, HSBC, NCino, and Wessex Water.

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