Card Processing in Healthcare Payments

Healthcare providers increasingly demand best-in-class card processing.

Efficient and effective card processing is a valuable, yet complex piece of the payments puzzle for healthcare providers. High-quality card processing can help providers dramatically enhance their cash flow and financial success over the short and long term while also easing administrative headaches. However, providing these capabilities is no easy feat. Card processing in healthcare must be extremely robust from the payment perspective.

This report provides an analysis of need-to-have capabilities and metrics for banks, billers, payment processors, and healthcare companies looking to enter the realm of healthcare card processing or make improvements to their existing processes. It primarily uses data from two Datos Insights Q3 2023 surveys: a survey of 1,037 employees of midsize and large businesses in 11 North American, European, and Asia-Pacific countries and a survey of 36 executive banking decision-makers from the Datos Insights Commercial Banking & Payments Executive Council. The report also uses qualitative discussions with leading card processors, technology vendors, and healthcare payment companies, along with detailed background research.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Healthcare Payments service can download this report.

This report mentions Sekure Payment Experts and US Bank.

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