Black Hat 2023: Insights From Startup City

Startup vendors are addressing the solutions demanded by organizations in areas of vulnerability visibility, automated remediation, and attack mitigation.

Black Hat is one of the few forums where organizations can evaluate cybersecurity products and solutions in one place. Analyzing the emerging cybersecurity vendors exhibiting at Black Hat is like tasseography or reading tea leaves, metaphorically speaking. Looking at the cybersecurity categories represented, promoted features, and the investments made in those categories may reveal the trajectory of the cybersecurity industry in 2024.

This report classifies, organizes, and summarizes nearly 90 cybersecurity vendors to offer a quick guide for organizations to see emerging technologies. It is primarily based on firsthand booth visits, product demos, and conversations with Startup City exhibitors and attendees during the 2023 Black Hat conference held on August 9 and 10, 2023, in Las Vegas.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Cybersecurity service can download this report.

This report mentions Aembit, appNovi, AppSecEngineer, Astrix Security, Authomize, Avalor Security, Backslash Security, Bearer, Binarly, Black Hat, BlindSpot Security, Cado Security, Calamu Technologies, Chainguard, Cigent Technology, CMP Media LLC, Computer Security Institute, Concentric AI, Crosswire, CyberFOX, Cyberkraft, CyberVadis, Cybral Limited, Cynamics, Dasera, DevOcean, Endor Labs, Enso Security (Snyk Company), Entitle, FireTail, Flexxon Pte Ltd, Foretrace, Fudo Security, Glilot Capital Partners, Gomboc.AI, HackNotice, HacWare Inc., HotWAN, Hushmesh Inc., Interpres Security, Ironwood Cyber, Insight Partners,, LayerX Security, Lightlytics, LimaCharlie, Lineaje, Lumu Technologies, Mammoth Cyber, MixMode, Mobb, MobileHop, Mode Software Inc., Mondoo, NetRise, Noetic Cyber, OX Security, Oxeye Security, Phylum Inc., Prelude Security, Qrypt, Quantum Knight, Radiant Security, Reco Labs, Reqfast, RevealSecurity, Ridge Security Technology, Right-Hand Cybersecurity, Riot, Secure Computing Corporation, Seraphic Security, Skyhawk Security, Slim.AI, SnapAttack, SolarWinds,, SOOS, Spring Labs, Sprocket Security, Strac, Strike Security LLC, Strike Graph, Suridata, Talon Cyber Security, Ten Eleven Ventures, Theom, ThreatKey, ThreatWarrior, United Business Media, Vaultree, VERITI, Viakoo Inc., VISO TRUST, VulnCheck Inc., Wizdome, and ZeroTier Inc.

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