AI Implementation Framework for Insurers

Most insurers are not just intellectually interested in AI but are actively engaged.

The insurance industry is unique in the extent and variability of its regulatory environment. As such, leaders in this sector must have a comprehensive understanding of AI and its implications. As AI continues to advance and permeate various aspects of the insurance industry―from underwriting and claims processing to customer service and fraud detection―it is crucial for companies to have a clear understanding and strategy in place.

This report introduces a robust framework for C-level executives and decision-makers in the insurance industry for implementing AI solutions, including strategies, principles, and approaches. This framework will serve as a roadmap for carriers, helping them navigate the complexities of working with AI and serving as a guide to leveraging AI effectively, responsibly, and in a manner that aligns with their organizational goals and values. This report is based on ongoing Datos Insights research along with the authors’ extensive experience in insurance technology deployments, enterprise risk management, and technology adoption.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Life, Annuities, & Benefits or Property & Casualty service can download this report.

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