Commercial Banking & Payments

Quarterly Fintech Spotlight

What is the Quarterly Fintech Spotlight?

As the number of Fintech vendors across the financial services space continues to expand year over year, the market struggles to keep up with interesting, emerging and impactful fintech vendors. The Commercial Banking & Payments Fintech Spotlight is a quarterly series of reports looking at select emerging fintech vendors active in the commercial banking space. With the vendor landscape increasingly crowded and banks and their clients facing a growing array of choice, the spotlight series aims to provide insight on interesting vendors that offer a strong unique selling point and innovative approach from a partnership or competitor perspective.

Featured fintech vendors are selected by analysts based on their level of innovation, and interesting approaches to wider business challenges facing the commercial banking market from both a bank and customer perspective.

Example Categories for Consideration: 

 Requirements for Participation:

  • Fintech Vendors must agree to be featured: All vendors must be willing to offer a briefing to Datos Insights’ analysts as required. Featured vendors will have the right to review their profile and check for accuracy.
  • Revenue of less than US$100 million: The Fintech Spotlight is focused on smaller scale emergent and/or disruptive fintech vendors. The goal is not to provide a platform for legacy vendor giants.
  • Must have existing clients: Vendor solutions featured in the spotlight must be live in the field directly with at least one bank, or commercial customer. Where possible vendors should provide client references that are willing to speak with Datos Insights.
  • Focus on financial services: Vendor solutions must be aimed directly at banking services and technology areas that are primary to bank offerings to their commercial banking customers. Services/solutions sold directly to business/commercial end users must be in an area that otherwise competes with banks. Organizations active in multiple verticals must have a dedicated product or service arm of activity in the financial services space.
  • Featured vendors must have a clear USP: Featured vendors will need to be able to demonstrate a clear unique selling point that makes them disruptive and or standout from competing products in the field. These USPs should meet a clear business need from banks and/or corporate, mid-market or small-business clients.
  • No limit on age of fintech vendor: Older, established fintech vendors will be considered for inclusion if they can demonstrate an interesting approach and clear USP as above.
  • Analysts have final say on inclusion: Fintech Spotlight is not pay for play – Analysts will choose vendors to include based on their knowledge of particular commercial banking product, technology and service categories, and choose vendors who they feel demonstrate an interesting, unique, high impact, or otherwise disruptive offering that Datos Insights’ clients should be aware of.