Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Treasury Onboarding: Turning Necessity Into Strategic Advantage


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Join Aite-Novarica Group Strategic Advisor Paul Kizirian and FINBOA Strategic Advisor Dave Hunkele as they address today’s imperative to transform treasury onboarding. Paul will share industry data and insights around the strategic importance of onboarding to compete and grow in today’s banking environment. You will learn how institutions are modernizing treasury services onboarding processes to improve sales, operations, and the customer experience.

Through presentation, discussion, and audience Q&A, our webinar speakers will provide valuable guidance to those institutions considering automating and digitizing Treasury onboarding.

  • How will improved onboarding deepen your customer relationship?
  • How do you know when you need to improve onboarding efficiency?
  • Why is now the time to invest in onboarding?
  • What factors should drive investment decisions?
  • Is the industry investing in onboarding?  Is it enough?
  • How can process automation quickly improve onboarding?