Thursday, November 24, 2022

Treasury Council Roundtable: Embedded Banking

The concept of embedded finance is already popular in the retail and consumer space with use cases that span across embedded payments that allow users to make payments from a single place without switching between apps.
As it frequently occurs in digital innovation, commercial banks lag behind their retail correspondents. Embedded banking makes no difference.

This Roundtable will discuss how the commercial side of financial institutions will take advantage of the lessons learned from the consumer side and will start implementing commercial banking features for their clients’ business-to-business operations. 

Reasons to participate:

  • A Treasury Council Roundtable is not a vendor showcase but an open and free discussion forum on questions that attendees can ask via chat or directly taking the virtual stage.
  • You can network and exchange ideas with presenters and attendees via chat line.
  • You will hear from Aite-Novarica Group advisors about key trends impacting your business and recommendations for how to best position your organization for success in today’s evolving industry.