Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Top 10 Trends in Property & Casualty, 2024: Generative AI Emerges as Insurers Adapt to Changing Markets in a Changing World


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Though the insurance sector has survived past crises, the combination of financial uncertainty and operational stresses poses a severe test for carriers. Maintaining profitability and relevance will challenge insurers to rethink their business models, harness technology, and focus relentlessly on delivery and cost efficiency. The multiple headwinds buffeting the industry could separate the nimble, forward-looking companies from the stagnant and outdated.

Join Datos Insights P&C insurance experts for this webinar, in which they will review the top 10 trends they see making a significant impact in 2024, including the AI revolution, the unaffordability crisis emerging, the hardening reinsurance market, and growing talent gaps in the workforce.