Thursday, January 11, 2024

Top 10 Trends in Life, Annuities, & Benefits, 2024: New Tools and Opportunities, Ongoing Challenges and Concerns


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Life insurance is famous for changing slowly. For years, many of the challenges insurers face have been perennial, but some elements of the environment are novel including interest rates rising once again, creating complexity in an uncertain economic environment, and generative artificial intelligence powered by large language models offering a powerful new set of tools that may give insurers truly new ways to solve problems, do business, and satisfy customer needs.

In 2024, Datos Insights anticipates that insurers will maintain investment in IT and modernization efforts, while also taking advantage of new generative AI tools and API ecosystems to improve operational efficiencies, increase revenue, and enhance customer experience. During the session, Datos Insights experts from our life insurance practice explored the top 10 trends they foresee for 2024.