Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Real-Time Fraud Prevention in the Age of Faster Payments


Guest Speakers:

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Faster payments create opportunities for fast fraud. As financial institutions in North America enable faster payments for their customers, they’ll also have to find ways to detect and stop fraud more quickly than ever before.

Join Datos Insights Chief Insights Officer Julie Conroy, Incognia CEO and Co-Founder ​​André Ferraz, and Gusel Advisory fraud expert Lenny Gusel as they discuss the attack vectors that real-time payments open up for fraudsters and how financial institutions can fight against these threats in real time. Incognia is the winner of Datos Insights’ 2023 Impact Award in Fraud for Best Digital Identity Verification Innovation.

André will share insights he’s learned from the rollout of Pix, the real-time payments system in his home country of Brazil.

Key topics:

  • How FIs weigh the cost and benefit of supporting RTP, Zelle, and FedNow
  • Differences in preventing authorized and unauthorized fraud in real-time payments
  • What North American FIs can learn from the rollout of Pix and subsequent fraud attacks
  • Fraud prevention techniques being implemented to secure real-time payments
  • Emerging fraud prevention methods FIs should consider implementing and why