Tuesday, June 27, 2023 | 11:00 a.m. ET

Find the Mules, Stop the Fraud


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As the possibility of a shift in liability for scam reimbursements becomes increasingly real, FIs are facing mounting pressure to mitigate potential losses associated with receiving funds from scammers. Consequently, many institutions are reconsidering their investment in proactive mule detection capabilities, recognizing the urgent need to adapt and safeguard against this evolving threat.

During this webinar, Datos Insights Strategic Advisor Trace Fooshee analyzes the market forces driving this pivotal shift in trends and examines the implications that this transformation holds for both FIs and solution providers in the months and years ahead. Key topics discussed include:

  • Understanding the changing landscape of financial crime management
  • Exploring the rise of money muling and its significance within the financial industry
  • Evaluating the potential consequences of a liability shift for scam reimbursements
  • Unveiling proactive mule detection capabilities and their effectiveness in combating financial crime
  • Identifying emerging trends and strategies to stay ahead of criminals in an evolving ecosystem