Tuesday, February 23, 2023

2023 Top 10 Trends in Customer Experience: Synthesizing Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Expectations


After the past three dizzying years for CX teams, it’s time to assess the situation. The post-pandemic market is seeing a return to traditional approaches, where the CX space will transform into a cultural strategy rather than a marketing tactic. With the rat race back to full speed, consumers need to get things done quickly. Employees are now staring down recession fears and lay-offs that will torpedo the flexibility and empathy earned during the pandemic. Companies will recognize that customers are concerned not just with their direct experiences but also with the use companies make of their data, the segmentation in which they are categorized, and their value beyond being customers (e.g., advocates, influencers, etc.).

Join Aite-Novarica Group experts from our customer experience practice as they explore the 10 trends they foresee for 2023. Check out the trends below.