Tuesday, February 7, 2023

2023 Top 10 Trends in Capital Markets: Aligning Business, Technology, and Operating Models to Compete in an Evolving Landscape

We see 2023 as the time to revisit core business and operating models. Technology and service providers will play a significant role in creating new and innovative ways of lowering costs and offering capabilities that level the playing field from a pure product and process perspective. Many of those technology providers will help democratize access to solutions for small and mid-sized institutions. Some will redefine their business models in ways that make them future competitors. One thing is clear: choosing your strategy around target markets, product and solution offerings and aligning your business architecture to achieve those goals is critical.

Join Aite-Novarica Group experts from the capital markets practice as they explore the ten trends they foresee for 2023. Check out the trends below.