Safelisting Instructions for Datos Insights

We recently transitioned to our new domain, As we solidify its reputation with global spam systems, we want to ensure you consistently receive our communications without interruptions. 

To facilitate this, please ask your IT team to update your systems to safelist the following sources associated with our domain using the instructions below. Safelisting these sources will ensure you receive authorized communications from us and filter out messages not authorized to be sent on behalf of Datos Insights. 

Research Portal: 



Email Security Measures: 

  • DKIM: Yes, All sources. 
  • SPF: 
  • DMARC: 


For assistance with the safelisting process or any related issues, please contact our IT team at [email protected]. If you can provide us with similar details for your domain, we’ll ensure our systems are configured to trust and permit your communications, thus avoiding any potential inbound email issues.