Fraud & AML

The winners of Datos Insights’ Impact Awards in Fraud & AML are leading the industry and pioneering new and disruptive financial crime products and capabilities. Their innovations are bringing the financial services industry one step closer to triumphing in the fight against fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activity.

Submissions are closed for the 2024 Fraud & AML Impact Awards.

The categories for consideration under the Impact Awards in Fraud & AML program are:



See below for additional information to the specific Fraud & AML categories.
“Today sustaining robust financial crime risk management is more challenging than ever. Datos Insights’ Impact Awards in Fraud & AML identifies and celebrates those innovations across our industry that are disrupting the efforts of fraudsters, money launderers, and terrorists.”
Chuck Subrt
Practice Director, Fraud & AML, Datos Insights

Requirements for Participation & Additional Information

  • Any vendor, financial institution, or fintech firm can submit a nomination.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of size or location of nominated firm.
  • Nominated innovations must be in production and must have been developed and implemented within the last two years (i.e., in production after January 1, 2022).
  • All nominees must be willing to allow Datos Insights to publicly announce and describe their innovation should they win. [Note: A follow-up briefing may be requested by Datos Insights to aptly develop the appropriate communications and reporting.]
  • Datos Insights asks that all nominations be as detailed and descriptive as possible to facilitate a complete understanding of the nominated innovation and support a fair and objective evaluation. There are no character limits to any response within the nomination form.
  • Award submissions will be evaluated by a panel of internal Datos Insights advisors and external industry experts drawn from financial institutions and the media. Evaluation criteria include level of innovation, competitive advantage, market needs/drivers, impact and value, and future roadmap.


1. Best Authentication Innovation:  New solutions or innovations that deliver best-in-class identity proofing and/or user authentication (Note: nominated solution may be transparent to the user and not require user action or it may require user action).

2. Best Innovation by a Financial Institution:  New solutions or innovations developed and implemented by a Financial Institution that deliver robust fraud mitigation while supporting elevated customer experience and operational efficiency.

3. Best Transaction Fraud Monitoring and Decisioning Innovation:  New solutions or innovations that deliver superior transaction fraud analytics, monitoring, detection, and case management solution that protect the financial transaction.

4. Best Digital Identity Verification Innovation:  New solutions or innovations that deliver exceptional individual identity verification in a digital (aka non-face-to-face) environment leveraging PII and non-PII information.

5. Best Scam/APP Fraud Prevention Innovation:  New solutions or innovations that deliver exceptional detection and prevention of scam fraud (aka authorized push payments/APP fraud) on the sending and/or receiving side of the transaction.


1. Best Know Your Customer/Business (KYC/KYB) Innovation:  New solutions, innovations, or datasets streamlining and enriching the KYC processes underlying the onboarding, servicing, and ongoing risk profiling and due diligence of individual and corporate customers.

2. Best AML Transaction Monitoring Innovation:  New solutions, innovations, or datasets that elevate ongoing risk-based AML transaction monitoring to detect suspicious or unusual activity indicating potential money laundering, terrorist financing, or other illicit activity.

3. Best Sanction/Watchlist Screening Innovation:  New solutions, innovations, or datasets that optimize the risk-based checking of individuals, entities, and incoming and outgoing payments and transactions, against sanctions, Politically Exposed Person, and adverse media lists as well as other risk relevant information.

4. Best Financial Crime investigation and Reporting Innovation:  New solutions, innovations, or datasets that transform and modernize the tasks and processes supporting prioritizing, decisioning, and documenting suspicious activity and watchlist filtering alert investigations, as well as developing and submitting necessary reporting to senior management and regulatory authorities.

5. Best Joint AML and Fraud Transaction Monitoring Innovation:  New solutions, innovations, or datasets that facilitate increased collaboration and/or detection across fraud and AML functions by streamlining or optimizing information and data sharing or mining, case management, detection or investigation.