Wholesale Banking Fintech Spotlight: Q2 2020

Four vendors provide scalable solutions that are well within the reach of organizations of all sizes.

Boston, July 1, 2020 – Overall trends in the financial services and broader fintech space are greater connectivity, advanced intelligence, an improved customer experience, and enhanced functionality. Q2 2020 highlights the growing need for and applicability of artificial-intelligence-based solutions that can be scalable even for smaller community banks and credit unions. This includes front-office solutions that generate contextually relevant interactions, which can immediately trigger transactions and deepen convenience for end users, and back-office solutions that offer practical insights into banking data for organizations of all sizes.

This report’s featured fintech firms—Active.AI, BankiFi, Ninth Wave, and Signal Financial Technologies—are selected exclusively by Aite Group analysts based on their approaches to existing business challenges and the potential lessons they offer the broader wholesale banking and payments space. These vendors are active across a range of product categories and services catering to banks, and they are intended to serve as partners, not competitors, in the banking space. This is the second in a series of quarterly reports.

This 18-page Impact Report contains one figure and four tables. Clients of Aite Group’s Wholesale Banking & Payments service can download this report and corresponding charts.

This report mentions Accenture, ACI, Active.AI, Amazon, Bankifi, Chiratai Ventures, Citigroup, CreitEase Fintech Investment Fund, Eastern Bank, Facebook, Finastra, FIS, Fiserv, Goldman Sachs, HCL, IBM, Infosys, InoCells, JP Morgan Chase, Kalaari Capital, Mastercard, Microsoft; Ninth Wave, Oracle, Pay.UK, SARORAS Private Capital, Signal FT, TCS, TD Group, Vertex Ventures, and Visa.

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