Value-in-Data Takeaways From the EMEA Treasury Council

Corporate treasurers must be ready to revamp their systems and prioritize the quest for automation.

London, 15 April 2021 Nobody denies that data powers the engine of the financial supply chain. But few are those who can explain what data must be collected and how to extract value from it. Corporate treasurers are sitting on huge stacks of financial data but are too often unable to use it for better analytics and decision-making.

This Impact Brief illustrates how finance and bank systems must be designed to always keep data requirements for treasury in mind. It highlights some of the key takeaways from a February 2021 meeting of the Aite Group EMEA Treasury Council, a community of treasurers that closely examines the solutions offered by banks and fintech vendors.

Clients of Aite Group’s Wholesale Banking & Payments service can download this 11-page Impact Brief. To learn more about the topic covered in this Impact Brief, please contact us at [email protected].

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