Top 11 Use Cases for AI in Capital Markets

While AI has played a growing role in capital markets, the buzz around generative AI is accelerating adoption and introducing new use cases.

ChatGPT buzz has moved conversations about AI to the top of the agendas across financial services. Generative AI has created the buzz, but the use of AI by the capital markets industry is not new. Now, the integration of AI into products and services is driving new capabilities and efficiencies from front-office searches for liquidity straight through to back-office automation of errors and omissions.

This report outlines the top AI use cases we’ve seen in capital markets. It is based on ongoing Datos Insights research on the role AI plays in Capital Markets industry, driven by the authors’ research into this particular topic informed by various interviews with key stakeholders within the industry.

Clients of Datos Insights’ Capital Markets service can download this report.

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