Payments Interoperability: The Consumer Point of View

The payments ecosystem is vastly more complex and capable of meeting merchants’ and consumers’ specific payment requirements in nearly any use case.  

March 1, 2022 – Despite the level of innovation in the marketplace, no one payment method fully satisfies consumer needs for ubiquity, convenience, security, and speed across every payments use case. Payments industry participants often discuss paths to interoperability and the technical and operational barriers to achieving it, but consumers’ concerns are more general, focused more on a streamlined and frictionless payments experience.

This Impact Report, commissioned by Visa, Inc., explores interoperability from a consumer’s point of view, discussing the key attributes consumers seek in a payment experience and the barriers to achieving true interoperability. Aite-Novarica Group conducted interviews with 14 payments executives from leading organizations, including banks, payment service providers, and technology providers to the payments industry.

This 15-page Impact Report contains one table. Clients of Aite-Novarica Group’s Retail Banking & Payments service can download this report and the corresponding charts.

This report mentions Apple, PayPal, Square, and Visa.

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